M e r ic E r y i l m a z
meric eryilmaz istanbul tango classes

Beginning her dance education with classical ballet in state conservatoire at the age of  7, studied music (piano and cello) in Istanbul Fine Arts High school, went to Istanbul State Conservatoire to study singing, where she built her special sense of listening and hearing the essence of music.

In 1995, she started studying jazz-dance and Argentine Tango simultaneously. After 5 years of both, tango was already a very big part of her life and she decided to concentrate on “Estilo Milonguero”, a very traditional style of Argentine Tango.

In order to improve her own awareness and explore more into the components axis/balance/power/breath, she researched and studied different disciplines of body training. She studied Hatha Yoga for a year, modern dance for 2 years with the world known contemporary dance artist Zeynep Tanbay, and then explored Butoh with Paul Ibey, again to dig more into understanding the “connections” between body, gravity, mind and soul.

To this day, she has come to create and develop her unique way of connecting and communicating before, during and after the dance; putting together her knowledge and WHY her own heart needs that communication while dancing. She’s come to be known mostly with her very personal and special way of seeing the dance as a whole: Before, during and after.

The maestro/as she’s worked with over the years, are; Alicia Orland and Claudio Barneix, Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega, Eduardo Aguire, Imed Chemam, Fabian Salas and Claudia del Rivero, Muzaffer and Birkit, Pilar Alvarez and Claudio Hoffmann, Celine Ruiz and Damian Rosenthal, Ezequiel Paludi and Geraldine Paludi, Julio Balmaceda and Corina De la Rosa,  Andrea Reyero and Sebastian Misse, Andrea Misse and Javier Rodriguez.

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